Insurance & Liability

The Practice Group Insurance & Liability has a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of cases.

Delivering value is of paramount importance to us. We approach each case from a pragmatic point of view, whether in litigation or out of court. We work with our clients to identify and define their goals and develop a litigation strategy that best meets those goals. We then draw upon our extensive resources to implement that strategy in a responsive and cost-effective manner.

The Practice Group Insurance & Liability assists and acts against insurance companies as well as other parties in respect of claims based on e.g. damage of goods, transport damage, personal injury and liability for (professional) faults of, e.g., lawyers, managing directors, supervisory board members, real estate agents, valuators and insurance brokers.


Osman Yesildag
Marcel Verhagen
Folmer Krumpelman
Ton Jumelet
Markwin Wattel
Rutger Blaauw

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